Take a Chill Pill

Much like an earlier post of mine said, it’s okay to let go of those people in your life who have transitioned from being a positive influence to a negative one. And by negative influence I don’t mean that friend who invites you to smoke with him/her, or to drink excessive amounts of shots with them so that you two can enjoy the night. I simply mean, that person who started making you happy, then came to be the person who started to a cause of your stress, maybe even your pain that you would have to endure.

In a similar sense, people – myself included – hold on to the things that can cause them stress and pain, separate from people of course. For the post today, I want to highlight on these things and really try to help you understand what you’re doing and how you could possibly stop yourself from doing it.

Nowadays, especially in school, we are expected to perform under conditions of intense stress. Though we will never achieve a point where we can have a life where we don’t experience any stress. It is important to try your best to achieve a life where you can experience the least amount of stress possible. I could list all the number of reasons stress is harmful for you but that’s just useless banter you could ignore in your health class.

Though the world expects that much out of you, you cannot perform at your best under stress. (Not unless you’re some kind of prodigy that has the whole world in the palm of your hand and can perform miracles). No, it’s ridiculous to think such of yourself and I recommend you understand that as soon as possible. Now that isn’t to say the moment you get stressed, you should back out of your work and take a break. Rather, I challenge you to manage your stress and workload. Like a workout routine for the week, you should manage both your time and your body so that you can get the most out of your schedule. Have you ever seen those performers who take an empty jar and constantly fill it with stuff piece by piece making you think “okay it’s full there’s no way anything else fits in it now”. And on cue, the next object fits. Yeah, your schedule is the very same. If you can manage each and every aspect of it properly, you’re going to find that you have a lot more time in your day.

In my next post, I’ll be sure to go into greater detail as to what I recommend you do to your schedule so that I can maybe help you feel less stressed and better prepared for the day.


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